Falcon Tower, Diplomatic Area, Kingdom of Bahrain

Business Setup Services

If you want to start a business, Bahrain is the place to do it. The country is quite open to new business ideas and has an impressive digital and tech workforce. You will find a welcoming environment and a population that encourages entrepreneurship and innovation, making it a great place to start a business and eventually penetrate the GCC market.

Kickstart and its partners offer Business Setup Services to help you launch your startup in Bahrain, establish your growth firm there, or extend your business throughout the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). With the help of our Business Setup services, ambitious business owners may quickly establish a foothold in Bahrain.

Schedule a meeting with one of our Business Setup Experts or send them an email with any questions you may have

Our objective is your success. Together with a local startup mentor, you will create a customized strategy for the rapid growth and development of your company based on its current stage and needs.

  • Set up a market entry strategy.
  • Receive guidance in one-on-one mentoring sessions.
  • Obtain assistance in comprehending the local business culture and customs.
  • Participate in our various workshops and training events.
  • Utilize our network and expand into new international markets.

You do not have to start from scratch when constructing your local network. Begin with us and our partners.

  • Become acquainted with the ecosystem.
  • Attend networking events to meet investors, startups, and other essential players.
  • Use our existing networks to contact new clients and partners.

Moving to a new country always necessitates some paperwork, Our Bahrain Business Setup Services provides all important services under one roof.

  • Receive personal support with local registration.
  • Open a Corporate and Personal Bank Account
  • Obtain a Bahraini ID Card.
  • Get clear tax advice for both your business and for yourself.
  • Receive information regarding housing, health care, education, and day care services.

Please note that our Business Setup services for startups are tailored to meet the requirements of seasoned startup entrepreneurs planning to establish a business in Bahrain.

To utilize our services, your startup must have sufficient funding, and an innovative product or service that will be introduced to international markets.

Contact us on info@kickstart.bh for Business Setup services.

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